WTF moments of the week…

So, most know I work in a restaurant. Always have, of some sort. I started at 12 , helping in the small diner my mother worked in called The Honey Bee. Then to a Golden Corral type and then to full service.. fast food once – something I will never do again. couple of bars – my favorite being the last place I worked before my current job, a small dive bar called Locals. They just celebrated their 10 year anniversary as a matter of fact.

I am now at a sort of fast food place, called Tropical Smoothie. They do serve food…it is fast… ugh. I guess I am in fast food again. It’s different though.

I really like it. I still get to interact with people. The hours are good and the pay is ok, and consistent. No nights, no weekend, no fryers. I go in at 7 get off at 3 p.m.

I make smoothies…. and I interact with people….

and through that interaction, we have WTF moments.

This week we had :

The young lady who came in in nothing but a bathrobe and slippers. Nothing but a bathrobe. I was on break a the time and was accidently flashed on her way in.

The college student who complained that she was trying to study and our 5 blenders all running at the same time made it too loud for her to study.

The lady who complained her smoothie was too cold.

The door dash driver who brought the order back because the address sent him to the middle of an empty lot.

Then there are always the people who cant not seem to get off their phones long enough to place an order, of course, that is a daily thing.


THOSE guests…

You know them…

They come in every. single. week.

They complain about everything.

The sauce isn’t hot enough ( I work in a wing joint)…

The sauce is too hot.

Can I get extra ranch? Yes, but I have to charge you for it.

Really? But it already comes with it…

Yes, but you want extra…


Me (( thinking – when you go to publix and buy bananas, but there are only 4 in the bunch…do you think they are going to give you an extra…I mean, the bunch already comes with bananas in it, right? — ok, maybe not a perfect analogy but you get the drift))

So those guests…

I am in management and I am on loan to another store during some staffing changes –

(meaning the GM of this store was fired – again – for sexual harassment and they needed a third manager till they found a replacement)

I had been here three days the first time I the pleasure of meeting them.

These tenders are hard. (Well, you did ask for extra crispy)

This sauce is too hot. The waffle fries are soggy.

Upon this initial meeting, I knew them. I had met them hundreds of times over the 30 years I have spent in these tread safe shoes. They wanted something for free. Their whole meal. Except for the $1.99 kids meal. We’ll pay for that.

Yes ma’am (in my best southern drawl, trying to figure out a way to fit a bless your little heart in the conversation) I understand you weren’t happy with your meal?

Well, his tenders were too hard (see above)

The sauce that was on my wings was kind of spicy.  The tea tasted kind of sour.

Yes ma’am, how can I help make your experience better?

…wait for it…..

We don’t think we should have to pay for our meal.

I’m sorry the wings weren’t to your liking, I really wish you had let me know before you ate them all. The tea tastes sour? I am sorry. We can get you a coke instead, but the price of the combo will not change, and it is cheaper to keep the combo than to just have fries and wings. However, I see he did not eat his tenders, they do look like they are a wee bit tough, so I will gladly take them off your bill.

Fast forward two months to tonight –

We have a new manager training, Eric. He has been in the industry for many years, but BoH. He knows about those guests, but from the other side of the expo window.

SG – Oh Lord. It’s them. They asked for extra sauce. I told them I had to charge them (see above). I brought them a side of hm and they want more. I told them I had to charge them.


While SG and I are having this talk, Eric is out in dining room, interacting with guests, doing table touches like a pro… and he gets to them.

Comes back with a 4 oz cup of HM. For those who are lucky (or unlucky) enough to not know this – that is a double side.

But – that’s ok Managers have that discretion. If a side of sauce is going to make the guest happy, then we can eat a side of sauce. No big. Unless…

…their food goes out.  She needs another side of sauce.

I ordered my wings extra wet and they are not extra wet.

I am so sorry, let me get this fixed for you and I whisked the wings away to the kitchen, where I told the cooks I needed 10 medium honey mustard wings swimming in sauce. then add a little more.

I take them back to the table and drop them with her.

A while later, SG comes to me – she wants the extra wet charge taken off her bill.

I took the check back to the table-

But your wings were extra wet.

Her – Yes  – and so were theirs (pointing to her companions) but they weren’t charged for extra wet.

OH! They weren’t? Well, let me go fix that right now!

Her friends were not happy.

But we were. Be careful what you ask for.







Same Trailer, different park..

I have been in the ‘biz’ for ..well…more than half my life (not much more, but still…).

27years, 13 different restaurants, concepts…

and it is always the same trailer, just different park.

There is always the ass kisser.

The lazy one who gets the better stations but does as little as possible.

The one who constantly complains about needing money, but is the first to give up a shift, a table and wants to be first cut every shift.

The scammer.

The one who thinks they are the best there has ever been, but really sucks. Often times a bartender.

The stoner cook.

The stoner cook who kicks ass.

The ones (FoH and BoH) who are always putting in their two weeks.

The hot chick who does nothing, is horrible server and can’t even cut a lemon properly, yet keep their jobs because, well, she is the hot one.

The hot’ish chick who sleeps with half the staff…or is at least rumored to.

The one who drinks..and drinks..

The gossip

The one (or few) who know A LOT yet no one listens to their ideas that would make things run so much smoother…

Who am I missing?